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I Don’t Like Mondays.

  • Got the ‘Sunday Night Blahs’ and ‘Monday Morning Blues’?
  • Career not going the way you thought it would?
  • Need to kick-start your professional life?
  • Does this sound like you?
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Section 1

I’m Anne Simpson, an Aberdeen-based career coach. My job is to help you get from where you are now to where you want to be in your career.

Is This You?

When Monday morning comes, does your body say ‘go’ but your head say ‘no?’

Do you feel you’ve made the wrong career decision – or even several wrong decisions?

Maybe the prospect of a career transition has been thrust upon you through redundancy or redeployment Or perhaps you’ve fallen off your career ladder after taking a career break, and need help getting back on. Uncertain prospects and a myriad of choices can make you feel stuck at a time when your confidence has perhaps taken a dent.

Llife’s too short to be stuck in the wrong career, but it can feel daunting to contemplate a move, and difficult to know where to start.

Or perhaps you’ve already been trying to make a move, but your CV isn’t opening the right doors?

What you need is an ally.

Someone who can look at your skills, knowledge and experience. Someone to help you navigate out of your current situation back to a place that means you enjoy your weekend,and actually look forward to Mondays.

That someone would be me.

Consider me head of your ‘escape committee.’

Section 2

How I Help With Your Career Transition.

All it takes is insight, experience, traditional coaching skills and some original thinking. (Not everything is in the manual).

My role is to provide clarity. From start to finish.

I help you identify what you really want to be and do, develop a job hunt marketing plan, and explore career transition strategies using both offline and online resources.

I provide guidance on how to craft a winning CV, enhance your LinkedIn page, write cover letters and finesse online applications.

I work hard to get you ‘oven ready’ for interviews, and ensure you’ll be able to assess the job offer and negotiate your salary with aplomb.

And my job doesn’t end when you agree the offer. You’ll want to make an impact in your new role, so I’ll explore with you how to ‘hit the ground running’ in your first months: including how to build up your networks, how to manage your new manager, achieve early success, and survive new office politics.

I help people find their own career path.

In a safe environment and with a focus on the future. I evaluate, advise, encourage, and I do so through using proven coaching methods, my knowledge, and my own experience. I understand the challenges you face, and I know how to help you overcome them.

Section 3

My CV Writing & Career Coaching Services

My Career Coaching, Transitions & CV Writing Services

Each of these services stand alone, or can be packaged together for a consistent, cohesive approach to CV writing and career transition.

  • Career Coaching; Career Transitions

    Career Coaching

    Coaching? Is that the same as giving advice or counselling? Not in my book. Advice is invariably someone’s opinion based on their perspective (‘If I were you…’) rather than yours. Counselling addresses past issues, and we’re looking at your future.

    My coaching utilises techniques of active listening and probing questions. A person being coached works on self-nominated topics and towards specific goals. Your goals, no-one else’s. It’s focused. It’s action-oriented. And it works.

    Career Transitions

    Transitions are about finding and moving to a new career. Some people choose to move; others may be compelled to by redundancy, restructuring, relocation or an insurmountable problem at work – it’s often true that people don’t leave jobs, they leave managers.

    Family support, mental and physical health, and one’s general attitude can all be important factors for people in transition, even if not immediately recognised as such. A coach can objectively review personal and professional crossroads, prepare you for career change, and help identify and develop relevant skills and approaches.

  • Life and Career Audit

    Is it time to move on?

    As part of your Life and Career Audit, we’ll look at how this period of career transition is impacting on you. What’s behind your desire for change? What are your challenges, your stressors, your fears, your expectations?

    We’ll explore your current values, attributes, qualities and motivators. We’ll clarify what role you want to have, where in the world you want to work, for what industries, and how realistic your choices are. We’ll also target the new skills and adaptive behaviours you might need to learn in order to make an effective career transition.

  • Navigating the Published and Unpublished Job Market

    As a job hunter in career transition, you’ll be involved in a process with no rules, few career ladders and no promises that the best candidate will always get the job.

    The published job market is where most job hunters look for work: trawling online for advertised vacancies, scanning print media, registering with recruiters. It’s the most popular way of looking for a job: it’s often the least successful.

    One way to effectively tap the unpublished job market is not to find the job, but to find the people with money, authority, and need who can hire you. How do you find them? Through proactive networking, informational interviewing, and direct targeted approaches.

  • CV Writing

    Your CV is a tool to get you an interview, not a job.

    Potential employers often spend less than 10 seconds to determine whether your CV is going to make the ‘let’s interview’ pile, or the ‘slush’ pile. In those few seconds your cv could be rejected because it’s too long, too generic, too unfocused.

    I work with you in a collaborative way, so that your CV communicates your value, demonstrates how you’ll solve problems for your potential new employer, shows what benefits you’ll bring to the organisation, and reveals what lies beneath your career and personal achievements.

    We start with a consultation: face-to-face if you’re in the Aberdeen area; over the phone or on FaceTime if you don’t. I take time to understand you and your career goals, and then I’ll write your CV from scratch. I’m not one for templates, or cookie cutters, or pigeonholes. Each CV I write is bespoke and written just for you.

    Prices for a bespoke CV, written with flair, in your voice, start at £100 for a CV for a school leaver, undergraduate or college student. The level of investment increases depending on your career history.

  • Personal Statements and Online Profiles

    Into every life a little rain must fall. And in an application form, that rain is the why-should-we-hire-you, tell-us-more-about-yourself personal statement: that seemingly innocuous little box which invites you to hang yourself. And on which the prospect of a job or university entrance interview so often depends. I’ll help you craft a personal statement that’ll set you apart, tell a captivating story, and communicate value.

    As an extension to my CV writing services, I can also take a wire brush to your LinkedIn or other online profiles. Employers are increasingly checking LinkedIn as part of their candidate screening, so it’s important that your profile is up to date, and like your CV, accurately conveys your skills, knowledge, experience, and expertise in a straightforward and compelling way.

  • Cover Letters/Cover Emails

    A persuasive cover letter is the backswing to a CV’s follow through. This is the first impression you will have on your potential future employer. In order to make that first impression a good one, you should always make the effort to craft a bespoke cover letter for each application.

    When I help you write your cover letter, we’ll use it to demonstrate that you’ve done your research and understand the company, the value you can bring to it, and why you want the job. They’ll be able to see why they should sit up and take notice, read your CV carefully, and select you for interview.

  • The Interview

    Cue music from ‘Jaws!’

    Nothing is so likely to strike fear into the heart of even the most courageous job seeker than an interview. Short of attending the interview with you, I can help you prepare for remote and face-to-face interviews; and I’ll guide you through first, second, and third interviews, whatever form they take.

    I’ll ensure you’re ready with strong answers to common interview questions; I’ll give you strategies to handle the most challenging questions. We’ll also prepare some pertinent questions for you ask during your interviews.

    I’ll help you prepare for the particular circumstances you’ll face, as well as ensuring you know how to present yourself with your best foot forward. Interviews can be an isolating experience, but with me on your side you won’t feel alone.

  • The Job Offer: Closing the Deal

    When you’ve gone through the ringer of preparing a killer CV, crafting the perfect cover letter, and enduring an seemingly endless interview process, it can be all too easy to snap up the first job offer that comes your way,

    I can help you with with salary and benefit negotiations, and making a counter offer. And I can help you walk away from a job offer that doesn’t help your career, and into another one that does.

  • Your First 90 Days in the New Job

    When you start a new job, the first 90 days are crucial. You want to hit the ground running, and show everyone why they were right to hire you. At the same time, it’s a transition period for you, and I can help you to manage your your new manager; build alliances with your new peers, and good relationships with your direct reports.

    Together we’ll identify any available quick wins and ensure you take advantage of them.

Section 4

Big Changes. So Let’s Get Started.

It’s your career we’re talking about. How do you know if I’m the right person for the job?

Well, first we’ll set up a free initial telephone call where we can discuss your goals and what you’re looking for.

This helps me understand how I can help you, and allows us to see if we’d work well together. Think ‘teamwork.’ (And if you’re not good at teamwork, I can help with that too).

If you decide you’d like to take things further, then I’ll send you a proposal for how I can help, and what that means by way of investment from you in terms of time, commitment, and money.

Getting To Know You.

I can meet clients in person within 75 miles of Aberdeen, or if you prefer, over the telephone or by FaceTime. Face to face sessions run for 1 – 2 hours; phone and Face Time sessions run for 45 – 50 minutes.

Sessions can focus a variety of subjects. I’ll ask questions. I’ll listen to answers. I’ll challenge. I talk the language of solutions. I bring knowledge, provide support and focus on individual accountability.

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Section 5

Why Choose Me?

I’m not your ordinary career coach. Yes, I’ve got years of experience in training & coaching in further education, local government and the private sector.

But if that’s taught me one thing above all else, it’s that everyone’s different, and we all need a little help sometimes.

And I know what it’s like to have that feeling of dread wreck my Sundays, and to hit snooze on my alarm many times on Monday morning.

Over the years I’ve changed career directions a few times: sometimes the grass has been greener, but oftentimes, there were still cowpats to avoid.

So I don’t have a cookie-cutter approach to anything. One-size does not fit all.

I do have the skills, talent, experience, objectivity, and a sound methodology to help you move ahead. I don’t just point you in the right direction, I can give you the skills you need, or help you get them. I’ll help you overcome obstacles to your career journey, and you’ll get a new perspective on you, your career, and what you’re capable of.

I enjoy helping people make a successful career transition.

Whether that move is to another organisation, another industry, or another market altogether. I want you to succeed. It’s not the impossible task it can seem when you’re stuck in the same old, same old.

I dislike hearing so many tales of square pegs in round holes: talented people whose employers don’t value them, and whose skills and experience aren’t utilised. If that sounds like you, and you want an ally to help you, then I’d love to help you find your perfect fit.

What's the next step?

Contact me by or telephone (01224 200 302), and let's get your career transition – or your new cv – underway.

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